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Data & information are the parameters that drive the decision making process and further lead to the efficiency and growth of the company.


Transport & Logistics industry generates a lot of data, data that is generated from different sources and stored on scattered platforms, this gives the impression that data analysis and information management is a very strenuous task which is just not worth it. Various platforms where data is stored are:

  • Excel Sheets
  • Tally
  • GPS Platform
  • FasTag Platform
  • Hardcopy receipts and registers


Bringing all the data together under one platform can be a breakthrough in this scenario. A platform which can be accessed by the users any time, anywhere.This will allow efficient data processing and enable users to use their own data to solve their own problems. It will be like a in-house solution provider for all.


  • Turnover enhancement

-Trips, when offered with a Trip Status Option & Integrated with GPS, helps users improve the TAT (Turn Around Time) by 10-50%.

-No more switching between GPS platform & Excel File to know the Driver Performance on Trip. Closely monitor the driver performance on the real time basis.

and a lot more….

  • Reduced Cost

-Cut your hourly cost of trucks by keeping track of the the number of halts and unnecessary delays in the trip.

-Keep a close look on how much the client is deducting and improve the client and freight management

-Stay updated with fastag deduction logs on real time basis to avoid any mislead route deduction.

Team Baymax is devotedly working towards an aim of creating an integrated solution with all features that can optimise the efficiency of the trucking firm & reduce the cost while providing a smooth working experience.

stay tuned for regular updates.

Post Author: Rahul Shandilya

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