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What is Fuel-cut/Immobilize ? 

Fuel cut-off or an immobilizer is an electronic anti-theft security device fitted to a motor vehicle that stops the flow of gas to your engine which prevents the engine from starting without using the vehicle’s authorized key. 

As there has been a rapid increase in vehicle theft. Almost every modern vehicle is equipped with GPS and Fuel-cut off system. While there are many high priced car alarm systems out in the market today, BayWheels GPS and Immobilize system is a simple and relatively cheap/ affordable product to install. 

Why do you need it? 

When a car is stolen, it’s usually not done by the pros we see in movies. It’s generally done by low-level thieves who are opportunistic and looking for a quick and easy car to steal. They’re not knowledgeable enough or willing to risk the time it takes to find out why your car isn’t starting/ or taking too long to start.

How fuel- cut/Immobilize works ? 

With BayWheels GPS feature you receive notifications and alerts on your vehicle movement. When in the case of car theft, you will be alerted that your car has been started. Then you must Turn On the Immobilize switch on the BayWheels application on your phone. With this, the engine will not start even if someone tries short-circuiting the ignition circuit. Thus, preventing vehicle theft. 

Post Author: Nitika Sharma

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