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So far, for almost a decade or more, GPS has been merely a tool to view location of a vehicle or at max to view the location history of the vehicle.

Team Baymax always believed it to be the under utilisation of the resources and the data. GPS information unless linked with the operational data doesn’t provide a sound information that can be acted upon.

The primary activity of any Fleet Firm is managing trip, a slightest improvement or mismanagement in trip turnaround time (TAT) can have huge impact on the revenue of the firm due to its nature of fixed/recurring expenses and heavy revenue. Optimising the trip by even the shorted span of 1 day out of a month by each truck can actually bring about 3-5% efficiency and this can bring the similar amount of optimisation in revenue.

Our team, at Baymax Technologies have created a solution that works around the operations management and provide profound view of the trip and possibilities of improvement. We promise to optimise your revenue by 10-30% and simultaneously cutting down the cost by 2-10%.

All this does raise a question

The need for a good trucking software ?

Post Author: Rahul Shandilya

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